Quality DNA

Quality DNA at Hi-Q:

We refuse to compromise on our outgoing quality, just like we make no compromises on our incoming material quality. Our E-test dept. will make sure all the PCBs passed are out of open or short issues; Our professional FQC and QA team will ensure the quality of PCB is to your satisfactory at 100%.

Hi-Q believes in manufacturing your PCBs by providing you with quality service. We are proud to stand by our products, we are also proud of our high ratio of repeat and loyal customers. When your customers stay with you, it is because you always choose perfect supplier for your products.

We value the faith and trust of our customers above everything, and do everything possible to ensure that your expectations are met or exceeded. We have a proven track record of quality that we intend to maintain.

Quality Process:

Hi-Q is a pioneer in manufacturing high complexity PCB for defence and aerospace applications and   has grown with the culture that “Quality” is paramount importance over past 30 years. Vision of Hi-Q is to be a pioneer in PCB market by manufacturing high complexity proto type PCB. Mission is to make high quality PCB with highly skilled personnel’s using latest technology. HI-Q manufactures PCB using the raw materials procured from world class supplier in PCB industry and qualified by aggressive reliability testing process.

Below diagram depicts various stages of Investigation at Hi-Q.

Quality Control Process at various levels:

At Hi-Q technology, quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are the primary focus; every employee is aware and proud of his or her individual contributions to the overall effort to continually improve the levels of quality and customer satisfaction. Quality is considered in every stage of PCB fabrication by process/procedures, automation of Machinery as listed below.

Quality Control System:                                                                                                

Hi-Q PCB’s manufacturing process is well matured over past 30 years and capable of producing defect free product. Poka Yoke system has been put in place for all critical process to avoid manual error and quality gates are put in place at appropriate place to ensure quality is met at each gate. All wet processes are periodically analysed by skilled chemical engineers and statistically controlled. Electronic system is in place to manage all documents, records, calibration, and engineering changes which ensures obsolete documents are promptly removed and all personnel’s involved in production will have access to only latest documents. All machines are kept at its highest productivity/accuracy level through preventive maintenance by internal as well as OEM.

Final QA activities and patrol inspections are done by certified IPC specialist (CIS) and all special processes are validated by sending samples to external lab for reliability testing. Training program is in place to ensure all personnel’s involved in production undergoes aggressive training program by in-house certified IPC trainers (CIT’s). All lessons learnt are documented through corrective actions process and manufacturing process is continuously improved to deliver high reliable product. Hi-Q always believes that continuous improvement of processes, systems and use lessons learnt to prevent defects will lead to highest customer satisfaction and be a pioneer in PCB market.